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Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Real Food. Real Local. Real Good.

Where our food comes from and how it is produced matters.

“In both rural and urban settings, local food systems start at the household level and expand to neighborhood, municipal, landscape, and regional levels. Such localized food systems are viewed as a way of rejuvenating the foundations of people’s nutrition, incomes, economies, ecologies, and culture.”

Locavore movement

The term locavore was coined by Jessica Prentice; Chef, Writer, Local foods wheel co-creator. The idea was originally a challenge for the residents in SF Bay Area to consume only locally grown and harvested foods for the entire month of August.

The goal of the challenge was to increase awareness of the diverse local food systems present; which could include everything from small and medium scale farms, urban, backyard, terrace, community, and “guerrilla” gardens, wild crafted/locally foraged food, farmers markets, farm stands, food co-ops, farm-to-school programs, Community Supported Agriculture farms, and more!

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What we eat matters.

Consuming locally grown food is about cultivating a sense of connection to the land that we call home, as well as establishing an awareness of seasonality, and appreciation for the process and realities of growing, raising, producing, and consuming quality, fresh, accountable food. In a world where globalization, industrialization, and heavily processing of food is commonplace, reclaiming a sense of culture, and diversity on a small scale is a profound act.

The Locavore challenge has evolved into a movement, joining others such as Slow Food in this sort of local food activism. “The political value of urban gardening is evident when we consider that gardening does not merely propose an alternative to existing urban food governance but also addresses issues of land reclamation, the rebuilding of urban commons, and self-governance.”

So let's explore the abundant local food system,

and build a healthier future.

Whether you want to access the freshest ingredients, support local farmers, gain a connection to where your food is coming from, build community, or create accountability-

What you eat matters, and can be the stepping stone toward building, and maintaining health.


Join the Locavore movement by opting to purchase

at least 50% of your food items

Locally Grown & Raised.


Finding local food is easy, and accessible.

Local Food Directory-

Local Harvest-

Eat Wild-


NC State Extension-

Share your experiences, follow along the journey, and connect on Social Media:

Facebook. Instagram.

Be Well - Che

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