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What We Do

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Back Massage


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Motivational Interviewing

Creating positive changes, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes dedication, and support. My goal is to understand my clients individual needs and goals so I can customize each session to be the most beneficial for them.

Massage and

Body therapy facilitates an environment for change, whether it be  for relaxation and stress reduction, an important part of any wellness plan, or to directly effect tissue that may be causing pain and discomfort, postural or range of motion issues.

Client Goals:

Mind. Body. Spirit.

The body is a complex web of systems built to support, connect and express our physical being. It is not one action that makes a person healthy, happy, pain and stress free, it is a multitude of choices adding to the whole. LBC is here to be part of that journey!

L.B.C. Continued Support:

Health Community

L.B.C is part of a growing health community with a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you in your success; Connect with
Physical Trainers/Exercise specialists, Chiropractors,
Yoga Teachers, Reiki Masters, Pilates Instructors,  Stretching specialists, Herbalists, Nutritional Therapists, and more!

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