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Encouraging. Supporting. Believing.

The health community is made up of individuals with a similar goal:

To have a balanced, sustainable, fulfilling life.  There are many paths, and no one way is right for everyone.  L.B.C. is here to explore, and promote many different approaches, while connecting the community in a space focused on

Life. Organics. Vitality. Essence


Chelsea aka Che

Che began her massage therapy career at NC School of Advanced Bodywork, a small school with a big heart that focuses on relaxation, as well as clinical based massage and bodywork therapy. 

She continues to learn, and runs her personal practice

LBC Massage & Bodywork.


Traditional living enthusiast, urban backyard gardener, food lover, herb wife, writer, dancer, dreamer..  

Human Being

My healing journey has taken me on many paths of self discovery.  I've explored places, and people, and ideas..  

from studying herbal wisdoms and natural living with Mary Pat Palmer at Philo School of Herbal Energetics, to indulging in the numerous authors and advocates of nutrition, including Weston A Price and the foundation founded in his name, local food movement head Jessica Prentice, whom I had the pleasure of visiting at her Community Supported Kitchen in Berkeley, CA. and a growing community of individuals who inspire me to believe that reconnecting with the body, the mind, and the spirit is truly the foundation of health.  


Being healthy isn't a static expression.  We don't "become" it, we simply learn how to live in a place of adjustability, and accountablity..  "A little of this, a lot of that." Everyones goals are different, so healthy will look a lot of different ways, on a lot of different people. Which is why I have decided to share my passion with others.  To help them see the best version of themselves, and help facilitate a path that can support the change they are wanting to experience.  

What else can you expect from me? Well, expression is limitless. I am an artist of life, my passions run deep and wide. I love to learn new things, expand my mind, and always seek to grow as an individual.  As L.B.C. grows, I will continue to write, and study, adding onto my massage/bodywork practice, and sharing my journey along the way!                                          Che

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